The Prayer Blanket Ministry was introduced to First Baptist Humble by members of 50+ Singles group who were given the opportunity to give one to a member of their LifeGroup undergoing treatment for cancer. It brought the friend great peace and joy from the gift and prayers. It also gave her a sense of "family" and confidence in God's infinite love and mercy. The Prayer Blanket Ministry touches not only the lives of those who receive the blankets, but also those who contruct and distribute them and those who see them in use. Recipients speak of the impact they have on doctors, nurses, visitors, and those who see them and ask about them. Prayers are offered for the recipients as the blankets are constructed, are given free of charge, and are available to anyone needing the gift of love and prayer.


Adults or children with a physical or emotional illness

Men or women serving in the military

Adults or children preparing for surgery or recovering from an acute illness

Adults or children living with a chronic condition or in treatment for a life-threatenning illness

Adults or children experiencing a crisis such as the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, relationship crisis, etc.

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