Our purpose is to make God known.

Our highest calling is to make God known. Our bold, yet humble witness is to share Christ with others under the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our testimony to share Christ is our expression of our faith, hope, and love in Him. The result of our obedience will be the salvation of others.


A disciple understands that the truth of God’s Word moves us to a new place. We discover that following God’s ways are much better than our own, and it sets us free. Therefore, when we receive a mandate from God, we, like a good soldier, follow His order, which is to make disciples.

It was worth the risk…

I felt called to go on a mission trip to India. While quietly sharing the gospel with an individual in India, two police officers entered the room. I immediately became afraid fearing they would shut us down and throw us or of the country. The next thing I knew they were seated in front of me. I began to share the Gospel and when I asked if they would like to follow Jesus, they said yes! That was great news. As a Humble police officer I now have two fellow officers in India who know Jesus.   -Ben M.

Being on mission happens around the corner…

I got involved in Kids Hope almost 2 years ago, as a way to get involved in missions. However, I don’t have to travel to another hemisphere, I just travel a few miles down the road to Humble Elementary. Once a week, for one hour, I hang out with a pretty cool 5th grader. We spend time together doing a little school work, visiting and playing games (we are both very competitive!). Something so easy can have such a lasting, positive effect for someone in need. I’ve really enjoyed seeing this kid grow throughout the year, both academically and personally. I encourage anyone who is willing to give just 1 hour a week to mentor a child, and see how the Lord will bless both of you.  -Webb P.


Reaching out beyond the walls of our church opens doors to life’s greatest adventures.

In Luke 9:1-6, Jesus called his disciples together and gave them authority and power to show His love in miraculous ways. He then commissioned them to go, to proclaim the kingdom of God and heal the sick. His final instruction before he sent them out was to keep it simple. Basically he was saying don’t over prepare and if you are rejected leave that town and move on to the next.

As Jesus anointed his disciples to prepare them for their great adventure, we will be asking God to do the same with you! Join us. Take that step by joining one of our teams on mission. If you join us, your life will never be the same.