My heart’s deepest joy is knowing Christ and making Him known, beginning at home.  My precious wife, Danyel, and I were married in 1995 and began our amazing journey hand in hand. Then, after 15 years serving Christ’s church together in Florida, Mississippi, California, Brazil, and South Sudan, God answered our prayers with more than we could have asked for or imagined when He brought our three wonderful, fun-loving Brazilian kids to us by adoption in 2010.  As our family expanded, we became even more aware of our need for God’s grace in order to love each other, our kids and others.

After serving the HuB as an Adult Lifegroup teacher for several years, God called me to join the staff of this great church in 2011 and I’ve never been more blessed in ministry.  As Family Life Pastor, I am honored to lead out in various aspects of ministry with families including Married Life, Parenting, Family Missions, Orphan Care and Upward Sports Ministries.

God commissioned the family as the primary training ground for life.  In the classroom of family life,  husbands are learning to love their wives as Christ loved the church, while their wives are learning the art of submission.  In the midst of this, children learn to honor God obeying their parents out of love.  When it’s all lived out in the day to day, it can sometimes get pretty messy.  Yet, when we learn how to live according to His word, our lives are marked by grace and truth, we experience the love of God together, and we want to know Him more.  My passion is to see families experiencing the fullness of knowing and serving Christ together as we reach more families here and around the world for His glory!



HUMBLE, TX 77338

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