building for the future

The church is not a place of brick and mortar, but rather the church is a group of people “called-out” by God to impact the world. God alone is the architect and builder of His Church, of which Christ is the head and cornerstone. While we cannot physically rebuild or improve His Church, we can help to cultivate an environment in which: 1) the lost feel welcomed and loved, 2) the hurting experience physical comfort and a place to encounter those who care about them deeply, and 3) the “called-out” can gather together to grow in the Word and go share the love of God with the community. The proposed building plans help create a physical setting to accomplish these goals.

One of the things that excites me the most about the proposed plan is that the entire design of the facilities is strategic to help the church be the church with spaces specifically designed with community and ministry in mind. From a safe place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends to increased capacity for more small groups to encourage new and deepening relationships with each other and with Christ, and much more. As a parent and a pastor to young adults with young children, I also appreciate the plan to have a children’s area with improved security measures that provides an opportunity for parents and children to experience an increased level of safety and security which encourages growth in learning and relationships.

This design is much more than walls, paint, and carpet… it is the intentional design of facilities to support the church in its mission to know Christ, become more like Him, and to make Him known.  

--Brandon Reed, Young Adult Pastor

Building Committee
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