challenging men to follow Christ


The Men’s Ministry at First Baptist Humble is designed to fulfill that purpose. We accomplish this through disciple-making groups in our current LifeGroups. These groups meet weekly at their own convenience, equipping men with the skills necessary to be faithful followers of Christ and to lead others to do the same. The Men’s Ministry is energized through intentional events such as golf tournaments, father/son outings, retreats, and men’s worship events, all designed to challenge and equip men to follow Christ.


Along with the inward component of developing our men to be faithful followers of Christ is the outward component of service to those in need in our community, in our country, and throughout the world. As God provides opportunities, our men respond with acts of service for individuals, disaster relief, and international mission efforts.


6:30-8 P.M. TUESDAYS | AUG. 27-OCT. 29 | ROOM 2102 | CO-ED

In a day when false teachers and false teachings are rampant, even in the visible church, we need to know the truth in order to live effectively for Christ. Learn how to be kept from falling into error as you grow in spiritual discernment. 

The inductive method of study used in Precept teaches you to discover truth for yourself. You will first spend time carefully observing the text to see exactly what it says. After examining the passage in context and comparing it with other scriptures, you will be better able to understand what the text means. Lastly, you will apply what you’ve learned by living it out. 

Registration fee is $14.  Childcare is available, register online through noon Sept. 3.   For more information on the evening (co-ed) study, email Tim Bates at


Tuesdays @ 6 a.m. | Chick-fil-a @ 59/Bus. 1960

It’s not easy being a dad today as we try to keep Christ and family first.  Come join other dads on Tuesday mornings at Chick-fil-a as we journey together and talk about real-life challenges from our Father’s perspective. For more information, email David Humphrey.