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Grades K to 5 Current Needs:


9:30 hour - Big City Studio Jr. (large group) – Kindergarten – needs 3 people to serve as helpers.  This will include interacting with children as they arrive and participate in arrival activities, prepare the snack and help with crowd control during the lesson.  Serve every week or every other week.


10:50 hour - Bible Zone Jr. (small group) – Kindergarten – needs 2 people to serve in a small group setting.  One person is needed to teach the lesson and one person is needed to help facilitate arrival activities, trips to the bathroom and assist with classroom management.  Serve every week or every other month.


9:30am – Big City Studio (large group) – Grades 1st-3rd – Needs 2 people to serve once a month and 1 person to serve every other week.


10:50am – Big City Studio (large group) – Grades 1st- 3rd – Needs 2 people to serve once a month and 1 person to serve every other week.


9:30am – Bible Zone (small group) – Grades 1st – 3rd – Needs 1 teacher and 1 helper to serve every week or every other month.


10:50am – Bible Zone (small group) – Grades 1st-3rd – Needs 4 helpers and 2 teachers to serve every week or every other month.


10:50am – JAM (large group and small group) – Grades 4th - 5th – Needs 1 large group teacher and 2 small group leader to serve every week.


Preschool  Babies – 4 year olds Current Needs:


9:30 Service Hour – every other Sunday

Cubs Newborn nursery – 1 adult

Koalas – 1 year olds – 3 adults

Hippo – 2 year olds – 1 adult

Frogs – 3 year olds – 1 adult

Bees – 4 year olds – 1 adult

Bears – 4 year olds – 1 adult


10:50 Service Hour – every other Sunday

Kittens  - older babies – 2 adults

Caterpillars – older babies – 4 adults

Pandas – 1 year olds –  2 adults

Ladybugs – 1 year olds – 2 adults

Giraffes – 2 year olds – 1 adult

Monkeys – 3 year olds – 2 adults

Frogs – 3 year olds – 1 adult

Elephants – 4 year olds – 1 adult


Preschool Welcome Desk Needs

3rd Sunday of each month – 8:45-12:00 – 1 adult once a month

5th Sunday of each month – 8:45—12:00 – occasionally at the desk – substitute – 2 adults



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"We are just so thankful for each of the teachers and helpers who serve the Lord and role-model His life to our great-grandsons. Our appreciation and hearts go out to those adults who faithfully invest their lives in others' children."---Sharon and Jim Bridges, Grandparents of children who attend FBC




“Big City has been so awesome for me and my family. The atmosphere is so enjoyable and fun that it makes learning about God a wonderful experience.  I love the feeling I get when I see these kids and the relationships you make are life changing.  My love for God has grown since I started helping out in Big City and for that I praise God. “  Torey Sellers, Big City Studio Leader




“Working in Big City has been a lot of fun!  It's such a great environment where you can sing songs, laugh, play games all while learning the word of God. To be able to share in that experience with these kids is most rewarding.  Knowing that our efforts can help maybe steer just one child to want to know the Lord is worth "dropping the mic" over!!!”  Karen Sellers, Big City Studio Leader




“Serving in children’s ministry has made a huge impact on my family & me over the years.  Our children have grown up seeing & experiencing service in children’s ministry at our church.  As a result, they themselves, as youth, are actively involved in serving weekly.  Pouring into others helps us take the focus off of ourselves, & spotlights someone else’s needs.  Preparing for children’s ministry allows me to dig into God’s word for myself & think about how His truths can come alive in the life of a child.  The rewards of spiritually investing in children have been countless & broad, from huge hugs to tears of conviction leading to salvation.  I am so thankful for church leaders who asked me to serve & allow my family to experience this adventure together.  What a blessing!” – Lynda Sammon, JAM Coordinator




“Being present weekly in Big City Studio has allowed interactions with each boy and girl present. I can check on their activities they participate and enjoy while encouraging them in their struggles. I get the chance to share God’s Word in fun interactive ways and show how it can be applied daily. I pray that each week it makes a difference in their lives.”  –Valarie Lyles - Big City Studio Coordinator




“AWANA involvement provides opportunities to meet new children that might not attend Sunday church services here.  I get the privilege of hearing and cheering for boys and girls as they learn and hide God’s word in their heart. Having the chance to pleasantly welcome them to church after a long school day and show the love of Christ makes a difference in my life weekly.”  – Valarie Lyles – AWANA Sparks Director


Leaders, please share successes, prayer requests, and God moments by emailing Cathy Lane, Preschool Director, at clane@firsthub.us or Cathy Rucker, Children's Director, at crucker@firsthub.us.