AWANA Clubs and registration at the HuB (First Baptist Humble) have been suspended for the 2017-2018 club year until further notice.  However, we are offering an opportunity for families to begin work in the AWANA hand book for clubbers in Cubbies, Sparks, and Truth and Training.

AWANA handbooks will be on sale each Sunday through the month of September before and after the 9:30 Worship Service.  There will be a table under the covered driveway at the south entrance to the main lobby.

Book prices are as follows and we ask that you bring the exact amount in cash or checks payable to First Baptist Humble:

Cubbies = $12

Sparks and T&T = $13

Starting the first Sunday in October and all Sundays thereafter, your child will come to the Fast-Pass Listening Lane to RECITE VERSES ONLY.  This means that a child, if they come with verses already memorized, can have an AWANA listener hear their verses.  The listener will sign their handbook accordingly.  The location of the Fast Pass Listening Lane is yet to be determined.  Our intent is to have it on the 2nd floor of the Children’s building. 

A few more details:

1.       You do not need to have registered online at this point to participate in the purchase of a book or reciting verses.  If you have registered online, this will apply to when our club begins, we hope, in January 2018.  This date is tentative and a target date only.

2.       We will only listen to verses.  There will be no game time or council time.  ALL recording of accomplishments will be recorded by a club secretary when club resumes in January 2018.  This date is tentative and a target date only.

For questions or more information, you may contact Tara Hill ( for Cubbies or Debbie Braddy ( for Sparks and T&T.  Thank you!